7 BEST WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners in 2023

7 BEST WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners in 2023

BEST WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners aren’t as portable as their name implies, and they’re also among the noisiest and inefficient methods to chill a space. If you don’t have central air and a window air conditioner isn’t an option, a wirecutter portable air conditioner is the next best thing.

We recognize that selecting the “best” product is highly dependent on whom you question, which is why we’ve dedicated this series to gathering as many knowledgeable, trustworthy views as possible.

And we’ve come up with a slew of ideas, like exposing reader evaluations from all around the web, polling our most insane friends and fellow shopping-obsessed Strategist editors, and engaging in some advanced online spying.

With that, we’ve compiled a list of the top wirecutter portable air conditioners available for purchase online. Although window air conditioners are considerably more common, wirecutter portable air conditioners might be a good option if size, style, or building management issues prevent you from installing one.

They have the major disadvantage of taking up more room and being louder and less efficient than window units. But it’s still preferable to sweltering for the entire summer. To help you narrow down your search, we’ve included a list of highly rated, well-reviewed, expert-recommended, and even trendy alternatives.

7 BEST WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners in 2023



1. Frigidaire Cool Connect Smart Wirecutter Portable Air Conditioner


The greatest smart air conditioners – the ones you can manage from your phone so your flat is already cool when you arrive. This portable version was recommended by one user: a stylish Frigidaire unit with over 12,000 BTUs, which would chill a 450-square-foot room.

With Google Assistant, you can operate it with an app or even your voice. “This would be ideal for someone who has an unusual window size that a window unit won’t fit into,” said Eugene Fiks, CEO of Fiks Consultants, which integrates smart technology into customers’ houses.

Although best portable air conditioners must be near a window to exhaust heat, Fiks claims that “the flex-tube connection (or hose) will fit into any window that opens” with this type.


+ Cooling is quick.

+ Installation is simple.

+ Dehumidifier and air ionizer built-in.

+ There are several scheduling possibilities available.

+ Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are both supported.


Huge and hefty.

Moving across the carpet is difficult.

There is no way to track how much you use it.

During testing, there were several Wi-Fi difficulties.



2.  BLACK+ DECKER BPACT08WT Portable Air Conditioner

Over 5,000 Amazon reviewers have given these wirecutter portable air conditioners five stars, with many claiming that the 8,000 BTUs are sufficient for cooling a single room. One reviewer, who lives in a Manhattan apartment, writes, “We have roughly 800 square feet, with an open-concept kitchen and dining room, which is where we put the unit.” “It took less than 15 minutes to chill down our house.”

“I sit approximately 12 feet away from it and feel the chill with a setting of 76,” adds another who claims this unit is functioning “miraculously wonderfully” in their 300-square-foot room. Many people also think the unit is simple to set up, and approximately 10% say it is rather quiet.

One user writes, “I found it to be no noisier than any other central AC unit or floor fan – in fact, it’s more background noise than anything,” while another adds, “it’s about as silent as a box fan on high.” It’s simple, but it does come with a remote that reviewers adore, as well as a timer, which one user praises since “it comes on before I arrive home and shuts itself off when I leave to work.”


+ The constant and forceful wind is created by vertical motion.

+ Cleaning is simple with the slide out of a washable filter, which can be quickly cleaned under a faucet.

+ An instruction booklet is included with the window kit, making installation simple.


The compressor generates a lot of noise when it’s running.


7 BEST WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners in 2023


3.  Hisense Portable Air Conditioner7 BEST WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners in 2023

The Hisense CAP-10CR1SEJS portable air conditioner has a 10,000 BTU capacity and is suitable for rooms up to 300 square feet. It may be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, home office, or any other room that isn’t larger than the specified dimensions.

If you have an open-concept kitchen and living room, consider the whole space when choosing if this air conditioner is right for you. If the space is larger than 300 square feet, the air conditioner will struggle to keep it cool and pleasant.

To save energy and avoid over-cooling, use a lower cooling and fan speed if you’re using it in a smaller space. However, for considerably smaller spaces (less than 150 sq. ft.), a small portable air conditioner is preferable.


+ It’s simple to use.

+ Intelligent remote control.

+ Cool, dehumidifying, and fan-only are the three comfort settings.

+ There are three fan/cooling speeds.

+ On/off timer for 24 hours.

+ High cooling and dehumidification capacity.

+ The direction of cool airflow may be controlled.


It’s a little noisy.

Draining is inconvenient.



4. SPT  14000  BTU  Portable  Air  Conditioner

The SPT WA-1420E 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner is an excellent example of Sunpentown’s proficiency in developing these air quality devices.

When it comes to product measurements, it measures 18.39 inches wide, 15.63 inches deep, and 30.12 inches tall, with a power cord length of a comforting seven feet. The dimensions of the package are 21 X 18 X 35 inches.

The gross weight is 83 ounces, with a net weight of 74 ounces. This device is extremely portable and easy to carry about in terms of portability. It’s not overly heavy, and the casters make it much simpler to move about.


+ The installation of this air conditioner is perhaps the simplest.

+ It has a number of features that make use and maintenance a breeze.

+ This is one of the few air conditioners that have features that help it last longer.

+ This air conditioner can resist even the most intense climatic circumstances, no matter how hot the day is.


Some buyers say it is excessively expensive at over $400.

Complaints have also been made about the compressor unit



5.  Whynter  Elite  ARC-122DS  Portable  Air  Conditioner

When it comes to wirecutter portable air conditioners, the Whynter ARC-122DS Elite is one of our favorites. If you live in a location where high temperatures are common, this dual-hose unit is more than capable of keeping you cool in conditions where single-hose versions would fail.

Its energy consumption isn’t excessive, but it is obvious when it comes to cooling performance. The Elite is the portable A/C for you if you require a machine that can truly blast out chilly air.


+ Extremely quiet,

+ Reasonable portability

+ Dependable cooling capacity


High Price

Window insert that is too big



6. Whynter 14,000-Btu Dual-Hose Portable Air Conditioner

The eco-friendly CFC-free green R-32 refrigerant and RoHS compliant components are used in this wintergreen ARC-14S portable air conditioner.

The proprietary innovative auto drain technology in this unit utilizes and recycles moisture collected during the cooling process to generate cold air. Fast cooling is provided by the twin hose action. This device can cool a space of up to 500 square feet (ambient temperature and humidity may influence optimum performance).

When the portable air conditioner is not in use, a protective cover with a pocket protects it while also holding the exhaust pipe, window kit, remote control, and user handbook. This protective cover will keep dust and filth off the gadget while it is in storage.


+ SACC is lower than top-rated 14,000 BTU units like the LG LP1419IVSM, but still high for a 14,000 BTU unit.

+ Energy efficiency is slightly lower than top-rated units, but it is still better than most other 14,000 BTU units.

+ There are a few features that no other 14,000 BTU unit has: a. covers for the holes in the window bracket, and b. a storage cover.


Heavy and Large

Dual Hoses



7. LG 6,000 BTU 115-Volt Portable Air Conditioner

The LG LP0817WSR 8,000 BTU portable air conditioner is ideal for cooling and dehumidifying your bedroom, nursery, home office, or small living area.

Because it’s small and has wheels, you can easily transfer it from room to room. The technique may be completed without the assistance of a professional, however, some people may have difficulty installing the window vent.

It cools the space to an almost frigid degree, according to some LG owners. So, if you have a room that becomes hot and stuffy or doesn’t get enough cold air from the central air conditioner, the LG portable air conditioner will come in handy.

This LG WireCutter Portable Air Conditioners is able to chill a 1,500-square-foot space “quite easily. It was quick and straightforward to set up. If you need to chill roughly 700 square feet, this would be ideal!”


+ It’s simple to travel from one room to the next.

+ Powerful

+ Simple to use

+ Beautiful and well-designed


Quite noisy

Setting up the window vent takes some time.




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