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Choosing the best Wirecutter Apple Watch band can be sensitive, given the thousands of different options out there.  There’s Apple’s own selection, but there’s also a seemingly endless supply of third-party Apple Watch straps.

We, on the other hand, are well-versed in this area. We’ve used every Apple Watch model from the original in 2016, so we know what to look for in a nice Wirecutter Apple Watch band.

Apple revised the Apple Watch design with the Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5, culminating in the latest Apple Watch 6.

However, since the small and big sizes are interchangeable, straps made for prior versions will suit newer models as well. All you have to do now is make sure you’re getting the proper size.

Apple Watches 4 and up use 40mm (small) or 44mm (large) sizing, whereas older Apple Watches use 38mm (small) or 42mm (large) sizing.

Have you made it this far? Consider how you intend to use your Apple Watch and the appearance you want to achieve.

We’ve divided our list of the finest Wirecutter Apple Watch band into categories based on their intended purpose: there are bands for regular use, as well as bands for swimming and working out. We’ve also selected some of the best metal, leather, and designer options available. In any case, there should be something here.

These are goods that we haven’t tested in our labs, but based on the opinions of our experts and their knowledge of the most renowned brands available, we believe they are worth investigating.

To assist you to navigate the maze of options available to you, we consider web reviews, brand reputation, product capability, and distinctive features.


Because your Apple Watch is a daily worn, you’ll want some Wirecutter Apple Watch band that is just as practical. These bands are attractive and robust, so they can endure whatever you throw at them.

They may not be as fashionable as a high-end designer alternative, but they’ll look just as well on the bus as they will in the workplace. Consider these bands to be similar to your go-to T-shirt or pair of trousers but in smartwatch form.

1. Solo Loop Wirecutter Apple Watch Band 


The Apple Solo Loop has earned a reputation as the go-to all-day Apple Watch strap for a reason: it’s really comfortable. It’s created from liquid silicone rubber and has a unique flexible design that you can just slide on your wrist. It comes in a variety of colors.

It’s ultra-comfortable in every manner, so make sure you get the proper fit for your wrist. It covers all the bases throughout the day, including perspiration and swims resistance.

All of this makes it an excellent pick for almost every occasion, so if you just want to buy one Apple Watch band, the Apple Solo Loop is the way to go. It’s also simple to select one that complements your style because they come in a variety of colors.


+ Very comfy and silky.
+ Simple to put on


 Need to obtain the appropriate size


2. Braided Apple Solo Loop


The Best Wirecutter Apple Watch Band Braided Solo Loop has the same elastic construction as the Apple Solo Loop, but it’s composed of 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments woven around ultra-thin silicone threads this time.

It looks and feels wonderfully soft, and it looks adequately elegant as a result. It’s sweat and water-resistant rather than swim-proof, so don’t wear it in the pool, but it looks great for everyday wear.

While the Apple Braided Solo Loop is comfortable and moderately fashionable, it is pretty pricey given it isn’t one of the smartest watch bands available, isn’t manufactured from one of the most quality materials available, and isn’t suitable for swimming.

Still, if you enjoy the design but aren’t a diver, it comes highly recommended, and because it’s made by Apple, you can trust the quality.


+ Very comfy and silky.
+ Simple to put on


– It’s important to obtain the appropriate size.
– For what it is, it is exorbitantly priced.


3. Wepro Black Buckle


The Wepro Black Buckle is a great watch strap for those who like to keep things simple. It also comes at a great price.

It’s constructed of silicone and is perspiration and dirt resistant, but it resembles a classic watch strap more than other silicone bands. It has a traditional buckle design that isn’t as practical as a pull-over but allows you to modify it throughout the day.

If we have any reservations, it is that because it is so inexpensive, durability may be an issue, as you typically get what you pay for. But, because the price is so low, to begin with, if you need to replace it later, it shouldn’t be too painful.


+ Low-cost
+ It appears to be a standard watch strap.


 It’s possible that durability will be a concern.

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4. Digi Hero Solo Loop Wirecutter Apple Watch Band



This DigiHero Braided Solo Loop strap looks fairly good for the price, embracing the Braided Solo Loop aesthetic for less.

You’ll have to make do with its loop buckle design instead of the original product’s stretchiness, but that’s a minor price to pay. It’s the best apple watch bands wirecutter for Wearable hands.

It’s made entirely of recyclable materials and feels great against your skin, with plenty of ventilation.


+ For a lower price, get a braided Solo Loop experience.

+ Design with a stretchy buckle


 It’s not as well-made as the official item.


5. Tasikar Strap


The Tasikar Strap is an excellent cheap choice if you want something a little more eye-catching and robust. It has magnetic straps that keep the band tight around your wrist while still feeling comfortable.

You may also turn it around to see two other color schemes. As a result, it’s the ideal watch strap for working hard all day and then working out even harder at the end of the day.


+ Magnetic strap with a stronghold
+ Design that is long-lasting


 A little chunky


 Best WireCutter Apple Watch Brands, for Working Out

You don’t want a Wirecutter Apple Watch band that makes you sticky or hot when you’re working out. Instead, you’ll want something that’s breathable yet resistant to water and sweat.

Because there are so many of them, we’ve narrowed it down to the best options. Each will look fantastic in any situation, but the emphasis is on comfort when working up a sweat.

1. Apple Sport Loop


The Apple Sport Loop bands incorporate a hook-and-loop fastening that allows you to loosen it if you need a little extra room on your wrist.

It has a double-layer nylon weave that looks attractive while offering enough cushioning to allow perspiration to escape. It’s built to last, and the attachment loops are securely fixed, so it won’t fall apart while you’re lifting.


+ Design that is easy to breathe
+ Lightweight


 Not for Swimming


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2. Nike Sport Band


Look no further if you want your phone to make a statement. The Swarovski Glam Rock case is covered in sparkling crystals, but they won’t interfere with wireless charging.

There are four distinct colors to select from, and the ‘invisible’ bumpers provide protection without adding bulk. Polycarbonate also makes up the gleaming back panel.


+ Design that is extremely breathable
+ Fit is straightforward.


 Simple in appearance

3. Nike Sport Loop


If you frequently run in dim or gloomy light, the Nike Sport Loop is a wonderful alternative for a little more illumination.

It’s made of nylon and has a reflective thread running through it, so it shimmers when light hits it.

In the dark, you’ll need other high-visibility gear, but a lightweight and breathable watch strap is a nice bonus. Its hues are also compatible with a series of Nike running sneakers.


+ The thread that reflects light
+ Design that is easy to breathe


– Color selections are limited.

Nylon Sport Loop Band by Palmetto Bands


The Palmetto Bands Nylon Sport Loop Band is affordable and cheery, ensuring you’ll light up on your run or stand out at the gym.

It’s made of breathable nylon material and is almost disposable at this price. So it’s ideal if you have a few gym mishaps or are prone to getting muddy. It’s bright enough to stand out, but it’s also handy in low light.



Unicorn Beetle Pro Supcase


The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is a terrific option if you want a durable Apple Watch band while you’re lifting without sacrificing too much elegance.

It has a bumper that provides tough shock absorption as well as a raised bezel that protects the screen on your Apple Watch.


+ Features that absorb shock
+ Protective raised bezel


 A little chunky

Apple Watch Sport Armband by Fortified Nation


Because you tie the Fortified Nation Apple Watch Sport Armband over your bicep or arm rather than your wrist, it works a little differently.

If you’re lifting weights and worry about breaking your wrist, it should imply better heart rate monitoring and a more comfortable fit. Just don’t expect it to be useful in other situations, as it won’t work as a standard wristband.


+ Weightlifting-friendly design
Fit is quite comfortable.


– Only for a specific reason


These one-of-a-kind Apple Wirecutter Apple Watch bands are beckoning to you if you want to express yourself through your Apple Watch.

We’ve included some of Apple’s newest Pride designs, as well as some eccentric designs that will make you stand out from the crowd. These Apple Watch straps are for those who desire something a little different than a traditional watch strap.

1. Braided Solo Loop with Apple Pride Edition


The Apple Pride Edition Braided Solo Loop is a beautiful design that is inspired by the inclusive nature of Pride.

It looks great and feels great, due to 16,000 recycled polyester yarn filaments woven around ultra-thin silicone strands. It’s soft but textured, and it’s wonderful for perspiration and water resistance, but not in the pool.


+ The design is stunning.
Extremely relaxing.


 A little pricey

2. Nike Sport Loop Pride Edition


The Pride Edition Nike Sport Loop features a nylon weave with reflecting rainbow yarn.

There’s also a hook and loop fastener on the side that you can adjust depending on how much room you need. But its breathable construction ensures you won’t get sweaty while wearing it.


+ Rainbow yarn with reflections
+ The design is light and airy


 Swimming is not recommended.

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3. Wepro Thin Rainbow Strap


The Wipro Thin Rainbow Strap is beautiful for the price, and a touch boho in design. It is constructed of woven elastic nylon. And has a stretchy design that keeps you comfortable and secure at all times.

Its buckle aids in this as well, but it’s quite simple to adjust on your wrist. It’s not suitable for workouts or swimming, but it’s a fun little party piece or for expressing yourself when you want to.


+ Excellent design

+ Low-cost


 Not quite as good as the official choice.


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4. Strap for Harry Potter Watch


We’re not suggesting you wear the Moby Fox Harry Potter Watch Strap to work.

The Moby Fox Harry Potter Watch Strap is officially licensed. Well-made, with sweat and UV-resistant silicone utilized to ensure the Moby Fox Harry Potter Watch Strap is robust and lasting. There are a variety of designs to choose from if you want to channel your inner Harry Potter house.


+ Design inspired by Harry Potter
+ Design that is long-lasting


 The situation is quite important.

5. Doodles Casetifiable Apple Watch


The Casetify Doodles Apple Watch band is a lot of fun, and it’s best for weekend relaxation or when you’re not planning on going to the gym.

It features a design by Jon Burgerman a British artist. And it is also sure to make you grin every time you look at it. It isn’t the most durable for exercises or other activities, but it is a fun way to express oneself.


+ Designs that are enjoyable to look at

+ Comfortable to wear


 Only useful in everyday life

Batman watch strap by Angel Wardrobe


This Angel Wardrobe Batman wirecutter apple watch band strap is a lot of fun, and it’s aimed at the nerd in all of us.

Because this design is quite limited,

You shouldn’t see many other people wearing it while out and about, though we wouldn’t advocate it in a high-pressure work atmosphere.

Still, it’s a lot of fun and it’s made of leather,

so it’ll last a long time even if you don’t use it for swimming.

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