8 Best Wirecutter Air Purifiers Reviews in 2023

An effective Best Wirecutter Air Purifiers may make a big difference in your life by reducing allergens like pollen and mold spores. As well as protecting you from wildfire smoke and other types of smoke. We feel, as we have since 2015, that the outstanding Coway AP-1512HH Mighty is the best among them after eight years of testing 47 different best wirecutter air purifiers for allergies.

To clear the air in a large living room or playroom, quiet and dark enough for you to sleep near it in a bedroom, and affordable enough to have several installed throughout your home.

As powerful as the Mighty is, its performance isn’t as unique as it once was, and several other computers have recently come close to matching our high expectations. If you like the aesthetics, price, or other characteristics of our other outstanding options, know that they purify just as well as the Mighty.


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AP-1512HH Coway Wirecutter Air Purifiers



The Mighty is one of the best-performing, most durable, and most affordable purifiers we’ve tested, and it’s ideal for bedrooms, playrooms, and living rooms.

It worked similarly well in a 200-square-foot, 1,600-cubic-foot New York City bedroom in previous tests. And it decreased particulate pollution by nearly 70% in an hour when we tested it in a massive Los Angeles conference room of nearly 10,000 cubic feet—more than twice as large as the Mighty’s specs would appear to allow.

It’s a wonderful deal, with prices as low as $200 upfront (and around $470 over five years when power and new filters are factored in).

Because of its small size, silent operation, and ability to turn off the display lights, the Mighty is ideal for use in bedrooms.


  • Technology is incredible
  • Design that is unique
  • Exceptional performance


  • There is no way to turn off the top light


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Shark HE601 Wirecutter Air Purifiers


We’re talking about a Xiaomi wirecutter air purifier, which is a Chinese juggernaut. And it’s because, at only 4.5 kg and 24 cm wide, it’s extremely portable, and you can easily move it despite the lack of wheels.

The Shark HE601 HEPA purifier is one of the best-selling wirecutter air purifiers on the market because of its high quality and low price. Due to its inexpensive price and changeable green filter, it is one of the most popular Home scents of hardware of pc.

It has a Shark HE601 HEPA filter with Four layers:

  1. One for hair and dust that traps particles as small as 0.3 microns,
  2. The second layer includes tobacco or kitchen smoke, pet dander, pollen, and even pathogenic bacteria;
  3. A third layer to absorb formaldehyde and other harmful environmental products;
  4. And a fourth layer to absorb formaldehyde and other harmful environmental products.


  • It offers a silent mode that uses the least amount of electricity possible
  • Has a three-layer HEPA filter that automatically shuts off


  • Despite its lightweight, wheels must be purchased separately
  • It has a huge filter, and the spare parts in the closet take up a lot of space


Airmega 200M Coway Wirecutter Air Purifiers


The performance of the 200M and the Mighty is nearly identical, but the 200M has a look that you might prefer, and it’s a nice choice if you can locate it for a lesser price.

The Airmega 200M Coway is manufactured by the same company that produces the AP-1512HH Mighty and is essentially comparable in every way, including controls, noise, and performance.

Their filters, as well as their faceplates, can be swapped out. The Airmega 200M, like the Mighty, includes a display-shutoff mode that allows you to dim the lights.

The only physical difference between the Airmega 200M and the Airmega 200 is that the Airmega 200M has a square rather than a round grille. We suggest the Airmega 200M just as high if you prefer the look of it or if you can locate it at a lower price.


  • Performance that has been proven
  • Design is new and small
  • Air filters of superior quality


  • There is still no option to dim the lights
  • There is no Energy Star rating


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5500-2 Winix Wirecutter Air Purifiers



The Winix 5500-2 is a fantastic performer, but its stark appearance, absence of a display shutdown, and somewhat increased electricity consumption is (small) flaws.

On high and 97.2 percent in just 30 minutes on medium-high, while emitting a manageable 40 decibels.

In all circumstances, this is slightly better than the Coway AP-1512HH Mighty’s findings, albeit the changes are minor in practice: When operated continually, as most homes do, both devices will reduce particles to near zero in within an hour—and keep them there.

We still choose the Mighty because of its reduced energy usage, smaller visual footprint, display-shutoff feature, and more appealing appearance, but it’s a close call.


  • There are four levels of filtration in all
  • True HEPA-grade particle filter with permanent pre-filter
  • A washable activated carbon filter based on pellets
  • Odor sensor built-in to detect pollution
  • Sleep mode is engaged automatically when the lights in the room dim.
  • CADR has been confirmed by AHAM and has been authorized ATB for ozone safety


  • A minimal amount of ozone is produced via Plasma Wave technology
  • There is only one color option available
  • Air purifier with good value for money


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Honeywell HPA300 HEPA


When we looked at the combined performance of our volatile organic compound (VOC) and particle matter testing, the Honeywell HPA300 HEPA Wirecutter Air Purifiers came out on top. It had cleared over 99 percent of the particle matter after a little over an hour of testing.

At the end of the testing period, the VOC levels were also among the lowest. While the AAFA hasn’t expressly certified it, these numbers indicate that it’s a good air purifier for allergy sufferers and others who are sensitive to other irritants.

The performance is even more astounding when you consider how quiet it is. Even at maximum volume, it is only 55 decibels, which is quieter than a normal conversation. The HPA300 is no louder than ambient sound when set to low.

The setup was simple and straightforward: simply remove the package and connect the unit in. There’s also very little upkeep. Every three months, simply wipe the device down with a dry towel. Replace the three real HEPA filters, which are widely available, when the filter warning light turns on (about once a year).

There are certain drawbacks to the HPA300. While it is Energy Star certified, it had the greatest power usage of the units we tested when the fan speed was set to high.


  • In our air purification test, it performed the best
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Filters are commonly available
  • Certified by Energy Star
  • The conversation is quieter than usual
  • A low initial investment


  • There is no automatic mode
  • High energy usage on a high


Lasko LP300 HEPA Tower


The Lasko LP300 HEPA Tower Wirecutter Air Purifiers is less expensive than any other machine we examined, has the cheapest filter replacement cost, and weighs less than 10 pounds.

We discovered that it outperformed models costing three or four times as much. The Lasko air purifier quickly removed dust and particles from the air. Our air quality monitor didn’t detect any particle matter with 30 minutes left in the testing session. Though it didn’t work as well with VOCs, it did a good job of keeping the levels under safe limits and the best clubhouse.

Even on low, the Lasko was one of the few units we tested that was louder than ambient noise levels. It was a tad louder than a usual library at 45.6 dB on low. It was barely 51.6 decibels on high.

The greatest disadvantage of this device is that it consumes a lot of energy. This is most likely due to the lack of an automatic mode that adjusts to the air quality, which is still another flaw.


  • In our tests, it did a decent job of eliminating VOCs and particulate particles
  • Low-cost filter replacement
  • Easy to travel and maintain


  • There is no automatic mode
  • The utilization of a lot of power
  • Not appropriate for larger rooms

Blue Air Purifier Health Protect 7470i



The Blue Air Health Protect 7470i Smart Air Purifier is the most technologically advanced device we evaluated. It has a digital color touchscreen that allows you to control the appliance as well as monitor the temperature, humidity, and air quality for VOCs and three particle sizes.

The Blue Air app (available for iOS and Android) puts data and functions at your fingertips, including the ability to create a schedule, wherever you are. For the most part, I found the app to be functional, however, the data readouts sometimes take up to an hour to refresh. Additionally, connecting to the app during the initial setup required several tries, adding 10 minutes to the setup time.

The filters are reasonably priced and may be purchased through the app or through major shops such as Amazon. Apart from replacing the filter, the only other maintenance required is cleaning or washing the two prefilters on a regular basis.

The Blue Air Purifier fared admirably in the air-quality testing. After the two-hour testing period, it had one of the lowest VOC levels. It also got rid of 99 percent of the particles. It performed all of this while remaining completely silent. I couldn’t hear it at all on low volume.

The Blueair Health Protect 7470i is a touch too bulky to move around comfortably. With a weight of 27.2 pounds and no handles, this is a purifier you’ll want to keep in one place and want to know about Dyson Air Purifiers.


  • Among the most effective in removing VOCs and particulates from the air
  • Filters that are both inexpensive and widely accessible
  • The operation that is quiet
  • Simple to clean
  • A sufficient amount of power or a medium-sized room
  • The app that is both useful and data-rich
  • Voice command


  • It’s heavy and has no handles
  • The app is difficult to connect to and occasionally slows


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Levoit Core 400S 


We’ll go over everything you need to know about the Levoit 400S air purifier in this review, from how simple it is to set up and use to how it works to enhance your indoor air quality. In addition, we’ll tell you which features we like and which ones we don’t.

The Levoit 400S air purifier makes a bold claim: it purifies your indoor air fully in just minutes. It captures airborne pollutants like smoke, dust, pollen, and pet dander using a True HEPA 3-stage filter. It even catches and eliminates some germs and viruses, but not all.

Finally, an activated carbon filter collects volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gases produced by a variety of sources, including aerosols, home smells, and aromas. For all of these reasons, it is now on our list of the best wirecutter air purifiers.


  • Fairly priced
  • Display of PM2.5 and timer
  • It’s simple to set up and utilize


  • The app may be faulty at times

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