5 Best Solar Roof Tesla Alternatives in 2023 | What is Tesla Solar Roof?

Best Solar Roof Tesla Alternatives, Solar Roof Tesla has been quietly gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to excellent marketing. The warm reception of the more attractive relative of solar panels, on the other hand, is due to the product’s added value for green energy users who place a premium on aesthetics.

And, like any astute investor, we should constantly hunt for better options before making a purchase.

Tesla has just added solar roof tesla tiles to its product range. Getting the intended advantages of a product without paying for the brand plastered on it, on the other hand, provides faster returns on your investment for the reasonable investor.

But, before we get into the specifics of Tesla solar roof alternatives, let’s take a look at the front-runner: Elon Musk’s Tesla.

After a quick overview, we’ll compare the main benefits and drawbacks of solar roofs with traditional solar panels. Aside from increasing charges, our readers need to know what they’re getting into.

What is Tesla Solar Roof?

What is a Tesla Solar Roof, exactly? Who is it intended for, and how does it differ from conventional solar panels?

Tesla solar roof tiles, for those unfamiliar with the concept, are simply roof tiles with integrated solar cells that convert solar energy to electricity.

Let’s say you’re the sort of person that values green energy while keeping your rooftop looking nice for any reason. If that’s the case, you’re in the target market for Tesla’s and other manufacturers’ products.

Although Tesla is by far the most well-known firm that sells solar roof tiles, there is a slew of other companies that promise a stylish glass-faced solar roof that creates green energy.

It’s no secret that Tesla’s marketing staff understands what they’re doing when it comes to instilling favorable feelings in people about their products, such as electric cars and power walls. This part of their brand promotion has greatly aided in the development of devoted fans.

The Tesla solar roof is a brand-new idea that integrates solar panel cells onto your roof. Although many of you may not realize it, Tesla was not the first to introduce the notion of a solar roof. Instead, it created the emotional appeal that allowed specialized audiences to support this innovation.

The First Solar Roof of Tesla

Solar roof tiles were created by Albert Joseph Antoine Laumans, Reinhard Lepsien, and Heinz Müller, according to lead-innovation.com. The idea was then patented and made into a business by Gasser Group and ZEP.

These businesses profited from Tesla’s extensive advertising of solar roof tiles, expressing their joy that Elon Musk has brought attention to this technology.

Tesla’s solar roof is made up of two different kinds of textured glass tile shingles:

  • Solar shingles that are active
  • Non-solar shingles that are inactive

When you opt to build a Tesla solar glass roof, non-solar shingles are added to the mix because it’s unlikely that you’ll need to place solar cells in each tile. When you replace your roof with sun singles, only active solar tiles include solar cells, while inactive ones function as fillers.

The Tesla Solar Roof V3 is 114 cm long by 43 cm broad and can generate 58 watts at a cost of $6.49 per watt.

Solar Panels VS Solar Roofs

Before you invest in solar roofs, take a look at some of the pros and downsides of this new market product, as well as how it compares to standard solar panels.


Tesla’s solar roof tiles’ key selling feature is this. Tesla’s Solar Roof version 3 is a glass-faced solar tile that employs hydrographic printing to seem like slate, clay tile, or a dark shingle from afar, according to the company.

Solar panels, on the other hand, are only available in the typical black/blue color scheme. On existing or completed roofs, solar technicians mount them on brackets. In effect, who owns solar panel installations in a given region is evident, which may be off-putting to some.


Because many contractors are acquainted with installing conventional panels, green energy lovers who choose solar panels have a larger selection of solar installers to pick from.

Solar roofs, on the other hand, are specialist goods that are ideal for homeowners wishing to replace their roofs They are a type of roofing material that must usually cover the entire roof


However, because solar cell output is affected by direction and tilt, solar roofs on flat rooftops are less efficient and typically need more thought.

Furthermore, according to PV Magazine USA, the Tesla Solar Roof’s efficiency ranges from 4 to 11 percent. When compared to solar panels, which have an efficiency range of 15% to 25%, this is a low figure.


In terms of cost, there are three costs associated with the Tesla Solar Roof:

  • Base Price for Solar Roofs
  • Cost of Solar Roof Tiles
  • Replacement of the Roof

When using the Tesla Solar Roof online calculator, it becomes evident that this choice will be more expensive than solar panels.

Not to mention the fact that Tesla is your only option for repair.

Is a Tesla Solar Roof a Good Investment?

The aesthetic beauty of a Tesla Solar Roof is the major reason to choose it. Solar roofs, on the other hand, are not as well-established in the marketplace as solar panels. As a result, there is a good chance that the price will drop even further in the future.

Is it now worthwhile to invest in a Tesla Solar Roof Tesla?

This solution makes sense to us only if you are completely convinced of fantastic aesthetics and want to complete your Elon Musk product fleets, such as Tesla cars and Powerwalls.

Aside from those considerations, we believe that solar panels are still the best option for consumers seeking a quick return on their investment.

In any case, you’ve chosen to utilize solar energy for your power, which counts for something.

How Long is the Wait for Solar Roof Tesla?

How Long Does a Tesla Solar Tile Roof Take to Install? Tesla’s installation is expected to take anything from 30 days to 6 months at this time.

5 Best Tesla Solar Roof Alternatives in 2022

Now that we have a fundamental understanding of how a solar roof works, let’s have a look at our top 5 Tesla Solar Roof Tesla alternatives.

1. CertainTeed Apollo II Tile

CertainTeed is a North American manufacturer of roofing, insulation, wallboard, and other building materials.

Currently, the business provides two product alternatives. The Apollo II solar cell wafers are the initial product, and they may be instantly slapped on your existing rooftop.

The Apollo II Tile, on the other hand, is more like the Tesla Solar Roof Tesla top in that it completely integrates solar cells into roof tiles.

What about the price? This is when things become a little complicated. CertainTeed, it turns out, does not publish its price point for installing Apollo products. Undecided, on the other hand, reports that the price per watt is roughly $6.54.

We feel this is realistic if this is the pricing of solar cells alone since we still need to factor in additional solar components and installation labor.

In the end, choosing CertainTeed goods saves you money over Tesla products in return for a lower solar roof tesla eye-candy factor, as seen in the figure below.

2. Solar Roof Tesla Luma

Luma Solar is another US firm on the market that makes 60-watt solar roofing with dimensions of 138.6 x 38.7 cm and thin polycrystalline cells.

They, like Tesla, have a 25-year warranty and an output guarantee of 80%. Solar roofs on their own cost $4.50 per watt.

3. Sun Tegra

The SunTegra solar roof is another Tesla solar roof option to explore. These solar roof tesla tiles are also two-in-one, providing both solar energy generation and house protection and the best CPU for Mining in bitcoin.

The firm tries to set itself apart from the competition by providing a unique design that allows each tile to be seamlessly incorporated into regular American tile roofing systems. Each tile is around 134 x 43 cm and is composed of quality monocrystalline solar cells with unique TegraVent technology for maximum solar efficiency. For their customers, this value offer strives to hit the sweet spot of pricing, aesthetics, and performance.

Each tile costs around $6.16 per watt and has a 25-year guaranteed power warranty as well as a 10-year limited product warranty.

4. Ennogie

Ennogie is a Danish firm that specializes in green energy solutions. At the present, their major product line is solar roof tiles and panels.

Ennogie’s Opinion on Solar Power

Now, before we get into Ennogie’s solar roof tesla options, let’s take the time to appreciate a simple remark they made about why solar rooftops are useful.

Ennogie defends the cost of solar roof tesla tiles on its website, claiming that rooftops will need to be changed sooner or later. Why not make it work for you rather than deteriorate and cost you money? The artwork below by Ennogie effectively conveys this notion.

In retrospect, this cost-benefit analysis may appear to be self-evident. It is a good reminder, though, that it is preferable to recoup investment through solar panels or solar tiles rather than just lose money due to roof depreciation.

Alternatives to Ennogie Tesla Solar Roofs

Now, let’s have a look at Ennogie’s Tesla Solar Roof alternative.

As of right now, the firm offers two solar roof tesla tile options: a 55W panel and a 130W panel. Ennogie provides a variety of tiling options based on your roof’s architecture to enhance active solar energy output.

This example is worth mentioning since the same solar production concepts (tilt and angle) apply to the other solar roof tesla items described earlier. It demonstrates that complicated roof structures will necessitate various solutions, such as “adjustment panels.” These adjustment panels are used as infill in locations where solar energy production is not ideal.

Based on an example 1700 sq. ft. roof area, the depiction of roofing structures above demonstrates the composition of “active” and “passive” panels in various buildings.

The “active solar production” component of the solar roof tesla is marked in orange.

Ennogie’s solar roof tesla will cost you roughly $ 4.19 per watt, based on the samples and internet information we obtained. It is the least expensive of the curates.

5. GB Sol

For our UK readers, GB Sol is the most popular solar roof tesla manufacturer and installation. It’s a good solar roof option for Brits who don’t want to wait for Elon Musk to deliver on his promise to make Tesla solar roofs accessible in the UK.

Blue-ish solar tiles weighing 3.5 kg are available from GB Sol’. Each tile is rated at 27.5W and comes with a 25-year guarantee on the product, solar performance, and weatherproofing.

A 4kW solar tile system would cost you up to $21,263, according to theecoexperts.co.uk. We get $ 5.32 per watt if we divide $21,263 by 4kW.

Along with Tesla, a slew of solar roof tesla startups have pushed their way into the spotlight over the years. However, there is a scarcity of sufficient data to make full comparisons. We’re placing these firms here for future reference till we acquire additional information:

  • PowerFit 20 by SunFlare
  • X-Tile and X-Roof by Exasun
  • HanTile – Hanergy

Last Thoughts

Solar roofs serve the same goal as solar roof tesla panels in terms of generating solar energy. They’re for those who want clean, low-key rooftops that support the green movement, but they’re not cheap.

Alternatives to Solar Roofs to Take into Account

Choosing a solar roof means you’ll get a longer payback on your investment. We’re talking about at least a decade here, to be precise.

It’s also understandable that businesses are having trouble generalizing pricing due to different specialist labor rates, building conditions, and required electrical maintenance.

Solar Roof Tesla tile technologies are still new to the market, and it will take time for more precise information to become available so that customers may make more informed investment decisions. Solar panels needed decades of development and economies of scale to enjoy major price reductions, as we mentioned in a previous piece.

Why is Tesla Solar Roof Tesla Alternatives a Good Option?

Due to high price points, failed promises, and a restricted service area, Tesla, while being the most popular brand, still has a long way to go to dominate this industry. Other solar roof tesla firms still have a chance to compete in the solar roof industry because of these gaps.

Please keep in mind that these estimates are based on limited data and general dwelling characteristics that Climatebiz was able to comprehend. Due to supplier-specific materials, services, and jurisdiction modifications, prices will vary from project to project.

The crucial aspect, however, remains. The idea, as Ennogie demonstrated, is to save money on the solar roof tesla. Rather than being a burden, it is an investment.

Demand and mass manufacturing is critical to the advancement of this technology. We can all expect big price reductions and sleek solar roofs in the future once both green energy customers and producers meet these standards.

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