4 Best Ways to Read WhatsApp Messages without Online

READ WHATSAPP MESSAGES WITHOUT ONLINE:  You must have had moments when you were so annoyed by someone that you didn’t want to show them that you were online but yet responding to their/other WhatsApp messages. When stopping them isn’t even a viable option.

However, it is typical to want to read WhatsApp messages without online others knowing you are online and using the program. He has a few tactics under his sleeve to help him hide his presence in the messenger.

WhatsApp   has yet to release a feature that permanently hides the “online” status under the user’s name. That is, there is currently no formal service to implement in this regard. However, there are several strategies that may be used to solve this and make it possible. Take a look at it below!

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4 Ways to Read WhatsApp Messages without “Online”

1. Activate Popup

WhatsApp has a few features that alert the user when he receives a new message. One of them is a pop-up window that appears in the center of the device’s screen whenever a new message arrives.

Simply go to WhatsApp Contacts, then Settings > Notifications > Pop-up windows to enable it. It’s worth noting that this strategy is only available on Android phones running version 9 or lower.

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2. Use Notifications to Answer

Mobile notifications are another option to respond to a contact on WhatsApp without using the platform. Simply click the “Reply” button and compose your response as soon as you receive a message notice.

Remember that you may do this from the home screen of your phone or from any window of any other app. There’s also a “mark as reading” option, which, when selected, informs the contact that the message has been read.

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3. Use WhatsApp Widget




Finally, widgets are the key to viewing and sending messages from the app without looking “online.” Unlock your phone and tap your finger on the home screen or desktop to get to them.

After that, select Widgets and open the WhatsApp app. By enabling the feature, you will be able to view messages from the program without having to open it.

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4. Reply in Airplane mode

+ Enable Airplane Mode, which will disable all internet connections.

+ Open WhatsApp, then select the message to which you want to respond.

+ Your response should be typed and sent.

+ Shut down WhatsApp.

+ Reconnect to the internet after turning off Airplane Mode.

+ WhatsApp will transmit the message even if you are not connected to the internet.

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