8 Best iPhone 13 Pro Camera Tips | Capture Beautiful Pics

Our best iPhone 13 Pro camera tips can help you take great photos and videos.

With Apple’s most powerful smartphone. A few iPhone 13 Pro camera tricks can go a long way toward helping you obtain exceptional images. The  IPHONE 13 PRO  has one of the best cameras on a phone – or rather four of the best – and the camera is one of the areas where the iPhone 12 Pro saw the most progress. There are three cameras on the rear of the iPhone 13 Pro camera and one on the front of the larger 13 Pro Max. There’s a 12MP wide camera on the back. A 5MP telephoto with 3x optical zoom and a 12MP ultra-wide with 3x optical zoom. You get a 12MP wide-angle camera on the front.

That’s a lot of data, but what are you going to do with it? With a few iPhone 13 Pro camera techniques. You can generate a variety of professional-quality images, from portraiture to creative video. Even in low-light situations. Portrait mode provides a lot of flexibility, and the new macro mode is fantastic for getting detailed images of close-up objects like food, bugs, and plants. You may also shoot in ProRAW format, which is useful if you plan on any post-production.

Overall, the iPhone 13 Pro camera offers a lot of camera features that might help you produce great photos. But you might not notice them if you just pull it out of the box and start shooting. We have a few iPhone 13 Pro camera tips in our guide below to help you get the most out of your handset – and many of them will also work if you have an earlier iPhone 12 Pro. Still undecided on which phone to purchase? For more options. check out our entire iPhone 13 Pro review and our guide to the best camera phones.

Tips for taking better iPhone 13 Pro Camera Tips

The iPhone 13 comes with a number of tools to help you better your photos, including an upgraded night mode. Portrait mode, and macro mode, as well as photographic styles that can help you create a unique appearance for your photos. Here are some pointers on how to make the most of the iPhone 13’s cameras.

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Learn about the iPhone 13 Pro’s lenses.

The iPhone 13 Pro camera tip’s main selling point is its versatile three-lens setup on the back. You get a 12MP wide (f/1.5), a 12MP telephoto (f/2.8) with 3x optical zoom, and a 12MP ultra-wide (120-degree f/1.8) camera, as previously noted. The finest iPhone 13 Pro camera advice we can offer is to familiarize yourself with these lenses and what each one is capable of.

Both the wide-angle and telephoto lenses can be handy for portraits (to switch between them tap on the Portrait option, and tap 1x or 3x in the bottom left corner). The 3x telephoto is especially useful for separating an amazing object, like a building, from other, distracting aspects in a scene.

Meanwhile, the ultra-wide features a macro focusing capability that allows for excellent close-up detail images, as we’ll see below. Because the ultra-wide camera and the front camera can cause barrel distortion at the borders of photos, turning on lens correction is one iPhone 13 Pro camera tip. Toggle the Lens Correction toggle in Settings > Camera.

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Shoot in ProRAW

The ability to shoot in the ProRAW format is a terrific feature of the iPhone 13 Pro camera tips for professional and enthusiast photographers who do post-production editing. This simulates the look of a RAW image while maintaining far more detail than a compressed HEIC or JPEG image. ProRAW photographs are large files – at roughly 25MB per image, your phone may quickly fill up – but they provide you a lot more options for editing your photos later in programs like Photoshop or Lightroom.

While the iPhone has editing features such as the Auto edit magic wand and standard editing tools, they lack the versatility that professional editing on high-resolution images with more information in the shadows and highlights provides. You can use the larger ProRAW files to recover overexposed areas or restore visibility in dark shadows.

To enable ProRAW, go to Settings > Camera > Formats and look for the option under the new Photo Capture area. Once activated, a new RAW button will appear in the upper right corner, allowing you to swiftly switch between ProRaw and JPEG. See our guide to the best photo-editing tools if you’re not sure what programs to use to edit your ProRAW photographs afterward.

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Photographic Signature Styles you create a unique look.

You can still establish a signature visual style with the iPhone 13 Pro camera if you don’t go into post-production. The new Photographic Styles tool allows you to specify a style before you shoot, similar to how you would apply a filter before rather than after you take a picture.

There are four pre-set Photographic Styles to pick from (Rich Contrast, Vibrant, Warm, and Cool), each of which can be tweaked to achieve the tone and warmth you desire. To begin, open the Camera app in photo mode, swipe up from the bottom, and tap the three squares icon. The Photographic Styles can then be slid through. When you select a style, the tone and warmth sliders show below the viewfinder; the phone will remember any adjustments you make here and keep them until you change them again.

Here are another iPhone Pro 13 Camera tips: if you like a style and want to make it your signature, you may make it default: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, go down to Camera, and select Photographic Styles. When you tap to select a shooting style, it will be selected automatically every time you open the camera.

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Automatic Turn off Night Mode

The iPhone 13 Pro’s Night Mode is amazing and a significant advance over prior models, but you definitely don’t want it to activate every time you’re in a low-light setting for the best results. It can make night images appear as if they weren’t taken at all, which isn’t always what you want. If you’re trying to photograph a moving subject, it can also result in fuzzy images.

You can turn off Night Mode in the camera app at any time, but if you have to do so every time you take a shot in the dark, it will quickly become tiresome. Instead, we recommend turning off automatic Night Mode so you may use it whenever you wish by pressing the Night Mode button (a moon). Toggle the Night Mode option in the Settings app > Camera > Preserve Settings.

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With Cinematic mode, create a more creative video.

For videographers, the iPhone 13’s Cinematic mode is a dream come true, allowing you to modify the focus in the video while shooting. Open video mode and select the Cinematic option at the bottom of the viewfinder above the shutter button to shoot in Cinematic mode. Swipe up on the viewfinder (or swipe right to left if you’re holding your phone horizontally), and you can modify depth and exposure by hitting the ‘f’ and the + – circles, respectively.

Begin recording, then tap a subject in the viewfinder to alter the focus while you’re recording. Double-tap to track a topic automatically, or press and hold to fix the focus at a specific distance. This is a fantastic iPhone 13 Pro camera tip for content creators and YouTubers, As it makes it simple to apply creative effects like stepping into focus or shifting focus between things.

Here’s another quick tip. With a short depth of field. Sections of your subject may be out of focus, so press the f button and increase the depth to roughly 5.8, and you’ll likely have a close subject in focus while still getting some blur on the background.

The iPhone 13 Pro camera can shoot in Dolby Vision up to 4K at 60 frames per second. But this isn’t enabled by default due to the amount of data it consumes. If you want to shoot the best video possible, go to Settings > Camera > Record Video and choose 4K at 60fps. You can also enable HDR in the same section.

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For Shoot Long Exposures Use Live Photo

In photo mode, you may take short films, which is a useful iPhone 13 Pro camera trick. There are two ways to accomplish this. To record a motion photo, go to the top right and select Live Photo (a target icon with three concentric rings). This provides you the choice of looping or bouncing (click Share and Save as video to save the resulting footage in a video format you can use elsewhere).

However, you can also turn a Live Photo into a long exposure. Which is a terrific method to obtain stunning night shots with light streams or blurred movement in shots of moving scenes like waterfalls (we recommend using a tiny tripod to keep your camera steady). To modify a Live Photo, locate and open it in your phone’s Live Photos album, then tap the Live Photo icon. Options to loop, bounce or make a long exposure will appear.

You may not be aware that the iPhone 13 Pro camera can also record video in Photo mode by holding down the shutter button. Once you’ve started filming. You can move your finger up and down to zoom in and out. A capability that isn’t available in video mode. If you don’t want to keep holding your finger down for a longer movie. Simply swipe the shutter button to the right. The video will continue to record when you withdraw your finger. Allowing you to tap the button to snap still photographs at the same time.

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Create iPhone 13 Pro Camera Shortcuts

Although it doesn’t take long to open the camera app on your iPhone 13 Pro and begin shooting. The little wait can be enough to cause you to lose a snap if anything happens rapidly. Especially if you’re capturing impromptu street photos. The iPhone’s customizable shortcuts may be useful in this situation.

When you double-tap on the rear of your phone. The Shortcuts settings allow you to combine numerous activities into a single command. For example, you could set up your phone to launch the camera app, start shooting video, and save the movie. Open the Shortcut app and tap the ‘+’ icon to create a new shortcut. You may also operate your camera using Siri.

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Save iPhone 13 Pro Camera Setting

Last but not least, save your favorite camera settings on your iPhone 13 Pro camera. After you’ve discovered the settings you love and use the most. You can set the iPhone 13 Pro camera to remember them so you don’t have to alter them manually every time you open the Camera app. Simply go to the Settings app. > Camera. > Preserve Camera and tweak the settings to your heart’s content, from aspect ratio to Night mode options and everything in between.

Of course, you won’t want to stick with the same camera settings forever. But you can set your iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max to remember the camera settings. You used the last time you opened the camera app. To do so, navigate to Settings. > Camera. > Preserve Camera and select the settings you want to keep.