How to Delete Cache on iPhone | Best Guide in 2023

How to delete Cache on iPhone, there are several scenarios that may raise the need to clear the cache and data of your app. One of these is when you reach a point and you notice that the device starts to hang or the app becomes slower than normal.

Another scenario is when the phone storage starts to fill up. The internal storage of your phone may over a period of time become depleted and you face the need to free up some space.

You can as well be in need of resetting the app preferences and you are not sure where to begin from. All these scenarios raise the need to clear the device cache and data on iPhoe.

How to clear history on iPhone

This article will give you useful information on how to clear storage space, history on iPhone and Android devices. But before going further below are the summarized highlights on why you may need to clear the app cache and data from time to time.

  • Difference between cache and App data
  • Why You Need to Delete Cache on iPhone and App Data
  • Pros and Cons of Clearing Storage Space

Most smartphone apps store data on the phone storage for various purposes. The data could be stored in form of a cache or permanently stored in the phone’s internal or SD card storage.

Cache refers to the temporal data stored on your phone memory to enable that specific app to remember your user preferences and load the previous user sessions efficiently.

In the case of apps that connect with the internet, cache storage is utilized in storing image thumbnails, recent messages, and any other information which you may need to access in the future.

  • A cache is a store of data. When you visit a website on your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, the Safari browser keeps a snapshot of the pages you view.
  • You can clear the ‘other’ storage on your iPhone to free up space and make it run more efficiently.; The other storage category is mostly filled with cache and system files created by Safari

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How to Clear Cache on iPhone 11

Tap Clear All DataThis option is at the bottom of the pop-up menu. Doing so will remove all saved data from your iPhone’s Dolphin browser. If you simply wish to clear the cached data, tap Delete Cache on iPhone 11 instead.

An app can store data permanently on the phone storage instead of caching it. Information stored on the phone permanently is not easily deleted and the app does not update this information with time.

How to clear app cache on iPhone 11

Just uninstall and reinstall the apps and all the cache and associated app data will be cleared from the phone storage.

Below are the steps to do this:

  • Tap on the Settings icon on your iPhone to display the settings interface
  • Select the General tab then choose the usage menu option
  • Select the ‘Manage storage’ option and you will get a list of apps installed on your iPhone device
  • Then Select the app. An interface will appear with various choices. Select the ‘Delete App’ option to uninstall the app. Uninstalling the app will clear all the data associated with the app
  • After this, you will just need to reinstall this app and enter your login credentials

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How to Delete Cache on iPhone & Data

IOS operating system does not provide options for clearing third-party cache and data. Though there exist some software applications which will help you do that, these software packages are loaded with requirements and some are not free.

However, there exists a manual method of doing it without much struggle. Just uninstall and reinstall the app and all the cache and associated app data will be cleared from the phone storage.

How to Clear the Cache, History, and Cookies in Safari

When you clean the Safari cache on your iPhone, it wipes all the data, photos, passwords, and scripts from websites you’ve visited recently.

To clear Safari’s cache, do the following:

  • Open the Settings app and select Safari from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom and press Data from the website and clear history
  • If you genuinely wish to remove Safari’s data, your device will ask you. Confirm your selection.

By entering this menu, pressing Advanced at the bottom, then Website Data, and finally Remove All Website Data, you can remove just your cache while keeping your history and cookies.

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How to Clear Cache on your Google Chrome Desktop Browser

Cache and cookies are kept on your computer as you explore the web. It’s inescapable, and it’s largely for the purpose of improving your browsing experience.

When a website requests cookies, browsers (such as Google Chrome) produce files that are kept on your computer.

Cookies save information such as the contents of your shopping cart and authentication credentials. A cache, on the other hand, saves images and content from websites you visit so that when you return to the same page, it loads faster.

How to Clear Cache on Google Chrome on Desktop

On a computer:

Open Google Chrome on your computer. At the top-right of the screen, click the More icon (it looks like three dots).


Select More Tools from the drop-down box, then Clear Browsing Data.

Select a time period from the pop-up menu. The options vary from the most recent hour to the entire history of time.

Check the boxes next to Cookies and other site data, as well as Cached pictures and files.


Select Clear data from the menu.

Conclusion of Delete Cache on iPhone

Though the cache and data stored offline are essential for increasing the app efficiency, over-accumulation of this data has its challenges.

Accumulation of such data on phone storage will slow the device and lead to hanging tendencies, depleting the available storage space. And decrease the speed of operation of other apps installed on your device. To solve this, you will need to know how to clear storage space on iPhone and Android devices and do this from time to time.

Keyboard cache accumulates as soon as iPhone begins to be utilized for texting or browsing, as it remembers every input.

It can certainly come in handy because it can save you valuable time. Even so, there are situations when you need to erase the keyboard cache on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. In order to protect your privacy, it is recommended to eliminate it if selling the device is in your plans.

If the input is getting in the way of texting or browsing, causing you to constantly click on backspace. Erasing the keyboard cache should also be taken into account.