14 Best Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness for 2023

If you enjoy cycling and go on Long Mountain biking, you may be familiar with the cycling gloves for hand numbness during such rides.

Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness could be compression of the median, and radial nerves. Which can occur when you grip the handlebar tightly in one position for an extended period of time. It could also be a result of the vibrations caused by biking on uneven mountain roads.

This numbness can result in a brief loss of sensation in your hands, which can lead to a loss of control of your bike, which can be dangerous.

Cyclists can avoid this by wearing specialist best riding gloves that lessen numbness. To reduce friction and vibration, these gloves are constructed with padding around the palm area. Read on to learn about the best cycling gloves for numb hands, as well as the qualities to look for while shopping for a pair.

  14 Best Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

1) Luxobike Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


The Luxobike riding gloves are available in six distinct colors and three different sizes: small, medium, and large. When riding on uneven terrain for long periods of time, these gloves are cushioned to assist decrease numbness and vibration. Gloves are made of lightweight Lycra and provide a full range of motion.

The gloves’ bodies are double stitched to avoid breakage and keep their shape. Gloves are machine washable and have an elastic band and a Velcro strap to keep them in place and provide a tailored fit.


+ Finger loops that make it easy to remove

+ Fabric is soft and breathable.

+ There is a lot of freedom for thumb rotation and movement.

+ Microsuede is a durable and safe material.

+ Shock-absorbent cushions in four zones

+ Finger length that allows for optimal dexterity


It’s possible that the material isn’t breathable.

It’s possible that the quality isn’t up to par.


2) Moreok Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


These could be one of the best cycling gloves for preventing numbness, thanks to their 5MM SBR shock-absorbing cushions. The non-slip silicone surface composition relieves discomfort, and tiredness, and provides shock absorption.

It also has breathable holes in the palm area to assist with perspiration evaporation.


+ Pads with a 5mm shockproof thickness

+ Fabric is breathable and has a mesh covering.

+ Anti-slip finish

+ Wristband with an elastic band and a Velcro strap

+ On the thumb, a towel cloth


It’s possible that the padding isn’t at the right spot.

Padding made of foam rather than gel

3) Firelion Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


Firelion Cycling Gloves are made of nylon and are suitable for cycling, mountain biking, BMX, and other activities for both men and women. The cycling gloves offer a breathable surface to keep your hands cool while riding in hotter weather, and the palms include gel padding to reduce numbness by absorbing vibration. The sweat is simply wiped away with the absorbent microfiber thumb.

The palms of the gloves are lined with silky, strengthened synthetic leather that adds to the comfort. These gloves come in three different colors and four different sizes and are machine washable.


+ Breathable

+ Numbness is reduced by full gel cushioning.

+ The entire Hand of Glove is covered.

+ Towel with microfiber thumbs

+ Straps that can be adjusted

+ Touchscreen compatible


It’s possible that the quality isn’t up to par.

There are no pull tabs on this item.


4) Huwaih Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


The Huwaih cycling gloves are made of stretchy Lycra spandex. With thick 3mm SBR pads on the palms to give great durability and superior shock absorption.

Each glove also comes with a 95 percent cotton thumb towel and a sticky clip at the wrist for a tailored fit. There are five different color options to pick from.


+ Fabric that is both durable and waterproof

+ SBR cushioning with high abrasion resistance and anti-slip gel padding

+ Pull tabs to quickly remove them.

+ Mesh fabric that breathes at the back of the hand


It’s possible that the foam padding will slip.

The padding may be too thin for some.

5) Suxman Mountain Cycling Gloves


Palm pads constructed of non-slip silicone sponges are routed to absorb shock and decrease numbness in these gloves. Cycling, gym exercises, motorcycle riding, and other activities are all possible with the Suxman Mountain Bike gloves.

These gloves have an elastic band with a Velcro strap across the wrists. The gloves are available in four distinct colors and are ideal for both men and women.


+ Suspended suede and breathable spandex

+ Palms with padding to alleviate numbness

+ Wristband with Velcro for a personalized fit

+ The middle and ring fingers have to pull tabs.

+ Thumb towel made of terry cloth


The pads may be too thin for some people.

Stitches may come undone easily.

6) MAJCF Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


MAJCF bike gloves are soft Japanese high-tech elastic fabric that are fits your hands. The gloves’ three actual liquid gels and two thick paddings absorb and minimize vibrations, preventing your hands from growing numb while riding a bike.

The perspiration-absorbent terry cloth thumb on these gloves makes it easy to wipe away sweat. Sweat is able to escape through the tiny pores along the palm, keeping the hands cool.


+ Fabric that is soft, robust, and breathable.

+ Reflective strips for added visibility

+ The middle and ring fingers have pull-off hooks.


It’s possible that it won’t last.

7) Nicewin Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


Nicewin Cycling Gloves are made of elastic fiber, while the back of Hitech is composed of breathable spandex. This ensures a comfortable fit while riding and also reduces numbness. The half-finger design and breathable pores aid in even heat dispersion while riding for lengthy periods of time.

The palms have improved palm pads composed of high-elastic SBR material, which absorbs shock and minimizes vibration intensity. There are seven distinct colors and four different sizes to pick from.


+ Fabric that is both comfortable and breathable

+ Non-slip coating on the palm pads

+ Pull tabs for easy removal

+ Thumb towel made of terry cloth

+ Reflective strips for added visibility


It’s possible that the sizing isn’t correct.

Some people may find the padding to be too thin.

8) ROVOS Bike Gloves for Hand Numbness


The ROVOS gloves, which have four cushions in different regions around the palm, could be one of the best for decreasing numbness while cycling.

These four pads provide the best cushioning and anti-slip properties. The printed silica improves slide resistance and increases friction. The breathable mesh on the lower half of the glove, near the wrist, helps sweat evaporate and keeps the hands dry.

These gloves are available in five various colors and are great for cycling gloves, bicycling, motorbike riding, and other activities.


+ During cycling, there are four pads to prevent numbness.

+ Reflective stripes for added visibility

+ Mesh fabric that breathes

+ To remove the tabs, simply pull them out.

+ Thumb towel is soft and absorbent


It’s possible that padding won’t be adequate.

For some, the quality may not be up to par.

9) Accmor Kids Cycling Gloves


If your kids enjoy cycling and other outdoor Hiking activities, these cycling gloves for hand numbness are a must-have to keep their fingertips. The palms of these gloves are comprised of sturdy and soft quality non-slip spandex and microfiber, and the palm pads assist decrease numbness and vibrations.


+ Soft, pleasant, and long-lasting

+ Numbness is reduced by thick palms.

+ Velcro wrist strap that can be adjusted

+ Designed with comfort in mind


It’s possible that the quality isn’t up to par.

10) Achiou Half Finger Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

The non-slip damping cushion in the Achiou cycling gloves reduces friction between your palms and the handlebars, preventing your hands from becoming numb. Mesh material and Lycra make up the glove’s body, which is elastic, breathable, and waterproof. Small holes in the palm allow air to circulate.

These could be one of the best cyclist gloves for preventing hand numbness if you enjoy mountain riding or cycling. There are three color options available.


+ Gel cushions for numbness relief

+ Design is anti-slip and shockproof.

+ Fabric that breathes

+ Lines that reflect light for safety

+ Thumb towel made of terry cloth

+ Wristband with a Velcro strap, that may be adjusted


The Velcro strap may not be long-lasting.

11) QNLYCZY Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


These gloves are enough to use for professional bicycles, mountain biking gloves, motorcycle riding, weightlifting, gym workouts, and other sports.

During long bike rides, this prevents numbness and keeps your hands cool.


+ Numbness-relieving shock absorber pads

+ Breathable openings

+ Thumb towel made of terry cloth

+ Velcro strap allows for a more personalized fit.

+ Lightweight with pull tabs near the ring and middle fingers


Longer rides may not be possible.

12) Giro DND Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


The Giro DND Mountain Best Bike gloves’ cuffless, slip-on design allows for unfettered wrist movement and, as a result, superior comfort.

The style is simple, as the acronym says (DND stands for Down and Dirty in this case). The elastic upper material allows you to release heat without sacrificing durability.

The silicone fingertips improve control of the brake lever and shifter.


+ Very long-lasting

+ Make a good impression.

+ Inexpensive

+ It fits perfectly over the top of the hand.

+ On the thumb, a microfiber nose/sweat wipe


Pressure points are caused by the three-piece palm.

Compatibility with touch screens is a little limited.


13) DAKINE Cross-X Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness


The Dakine Cross-X Cycling Gloves have full fingers and are the go-to glove for trail riders.

In other words, the neoprene knuckle guards protect against branches and weeds, while the 3mm foam padding on the palm provides vibration protection. The synthetic suede pads and silicone keep your hands firmly attached to the handlebars.


+ Fits well in the hand.

+ Comfortable.

+ A good mix of protection.

+ Durable.

+ Washable.


Incompletely constructed

Not long-lasting

A tiny bit of heat

14) Giro Monika 2 Cycling Gloves for Hand Numbness

The Giro Monica II is a women’s-specific fingerless glove for cycling that provides comfort and breathability on long summer rides.

The palm of the glove is composed of high-quality Pittard sheep leather, with Giro Technogel padding around the edges. This padding is well-known for its excellent pressure distribution, which helps to keep numb hands at bay.


+ The padding made of techno gel is quite comfortable.

+ Double-Stitched for Durability.

+ Extra visibility is provided through reflective features.


Not Durable Gloves