HOW TO CONNECT ROKU STREAMING STICK TO WIFI: Roku produces some of the greatest streaming sticks and gadgets on the market, with hundreds of streaming apps to appeal to a wide range of audiences. Whether you’re looking for movies, TV, music, or even games, Roku provides a wide range of apps to meet your needs.

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However, before you can begin viewing all your Roku streaming stick or device has to offer, you’ll need to complete a few setup procedures. Connect Roku streaming Stick to WiFi is one of them. Before you can explore and download the top streaming applications available on Roku OS, such as Spotify, Netflix, Disney Plus, and others, you’ll need to accomplish this.

If you’re not sure how to connect your Roku streaming stick to Wi-Fi, we’ve put up a guide below that will show you how. It’s not a difficult or time-consuming operation, but it is required if you want to use your Roku streaming stick or gadget at all.


Before you Start

There are a few things you’ll need to be sure you’ve done before you can connect Roku Streaming Stick to WiFi. When you get your new Roku streamer out of the box, the first thing you should do is connect it to your television. We’ve written a separate article on how to connect your Roku device to your TV, which you can read here.

Once you’ve got everything set up, the first thing you’ll be asked to do is link your Roku remote with the streaming device that’s connected to your TV. That’s another basic step for which we’ve created a tutorial in case anything goes wrong. There you’ll find all you need to know about connecting a Roku remote.

After you’ve completed those two steps, you’ll be prompted to connect your Roku streaming stick or device to your Wi-Fi network. Then, step by step, we’ll walk you through the process so you may explore the Roku OS at your leisure.


How to your Connect Roku Streaming Stick to WiFi Easy Method

You’ll be requested to connect your Roku streaming stick or device to the internet before you can peruse the menu if you’re simply setting it up for the first time. If you have a streaming box like the Roku Express 4K, you can connect via wired connection, but only if you’ve used an ethernet cable to connect it to your provider’s router.

You’ll only be able to connect wirelessly if you have a Roku Streaming Stick. Choose the option that best matches your devices and/or preferences in either situation. You’ll then get a list of possible networks to connect to.

In the list, locate and choose your network name (SSID). If your network isn’t shown, try selecting the ‘Scan again to view all networks’ option, which will essentially refresh the list. If it doesn’t work, try resetting your router. Your Roku device may require a new connection in order for your network to appear in the list.

After you’ve chosen your network, you’ll be prompted to enter your Wi-Fi password in a pop-up box. This can be found on the router itself or on a separate card that comes standard with most routers.

Your Roku streaming stick or device will now be connected to the internet, and you’ll be able to explore the whole Roku OS if you input your password correctly. Not only will you be able to download and subscribe to the greatest streaming applications in one handy location, but you may also discover a new favorite among the   ROKU STREAMING STICK  Channel Store’s more unusual apps.

Not only that, but you’ll be able to take advantage of the new AI-driven dialogue enhancement option in the next Roku OS 11 update, which will assist viewers with hearing challenges to enjoy their favorite movies and shows with more accessibility.

Once you’ve mastered Roku OS, read our guide on three underappreciated Roku streaming stick features that will drastically improve your experience and transform you into a streaming pro.