9 Best Wireless Charging Pads for iPhone

Find the Best Wireless Charging Pads for iPhone that wirelessly charge your compatible iPhone devices with Mag Safe New.

iPhone 8 or newer support QI charging. So, if you have an iPhone that supports QI charging so this is for you.

QI charging

With QI Certified Chargers you can charge your iPhone on any cafe, car, hotel, airport, etc. Where this type of charger is available you can charge your iPhone smartphone with speed at rates up to 7.5W. iPhone 12 or 12 pro model can fast up to 15W.

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Best wireless charging pads.

Following are the best charging pads for iPhone:

  1. Apple’s Own (Magsafe Charger)


This is made by Apple that supports fast-charging up to 15 watts. This is highly recommended due to its high quality.

These Wireless Charging Pads provide high-quality satisfaction and performance. This has no Issue and is mostly used and no problem. The MagSafe charger works fine with any QI-enabled phone that includes iPhone 8 or a newer version.

Price is 39$ at Apple and 30$ at other selling platforms.

  1. Powerful brand (Mophie Wireless charge pad)


This is a great product that charges iPhone wirelessly. This best charging pad support iPhone wirelessly charging. This wireless supports up to 7.5W fast Charging and also its cool surface will place your iPhone carefully.

Its price started at 18$ 15W at 50$ best to buy.

  1. Anker Power Wave 15 With Quick Charge.


This is 15w supported. Have key points that are classy metal pad + braided cord. This have just one color.

These 15-Watt best wireless charging pads have great look with a metal casing and rubber foot. You’ll need to leave your device flat to maintain its charging.

Just like with any other wireless charging pad, the faster rate should make it easier to leave your phone in charge and time out mode. The Anker Power Wave 15W is also quite affordable, with prices ranging from $50 to $100.

This wireless charging pad has a QI license and claims fast Charging viva leading technology.

  1. Mophie power station Hub


Wireless charging on the go supports 5W and charges up to four devices.

Mofhie power station Hub is one of the best wireless charging devices also that is a power bank. The ability to wirelessly charge on the fly makes these solutions adaptable, despite their modest capacity. This power station Hub wirelessly charges up to 5W, which is not terribly fast.

But you can’t do it while the battery simultaneously charges up to three other devices which is more important the other ports include one each of USB 1.0 USB 3.0 and USB C slots.

The charger is plugged directly into a wall socket to charge the phone Cody Wallace charging phone does not work while it is a regrettable feature but perhaps safer for the device.

The cost of this power station hub is very high this is a very expensive charger read the retail price of 99 dollars that is not affordable normally in this price more hence other charger are available that are better.

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  1. Anker PowerWave 7.5 Wireless Charging Stand


This is perfect if you want to use your iPhone while it is charging, so for this purpose, this stands great. It comes with a quick charge adapter so you do not need to worry about it delivering.

It has the required power to charge your phone, as well as two charging quails that allow you to view your iPhone in portrait or landscape mode as it charges.

This is wireless charging so, forget about plugging in and out.

  1. Mophie power station plus XL 10000mah


Mophie wireless power station offers the dual convenience of various charging and portability it’s an external battery pack with a built-in wireless charger it has a 10000mah battery it can charge two devices at once one on the wireless charging pad and one through the included USB port.

This has 65$ price at Amazon.

This is Qi wireless charger. LED power indicator is integrated for allied power indicator display charging status and current battery life. Wirelessly recharge your power station and XL on a mophie charging pad or other Qi-enabled charging pad.

  1. Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charger


This great wireless charger delivers up to 7.5W power to iPhone. The Belkin Boost up is a sleek wireless charging pad made with the take in mind iPhone that raised ring in the middle of charger keep your phone in place while the indicator LED will tell you if it is charging.

This has price up to 40$.

Also, this is the best wireless charging the wireless charging speed to 7.5W that’s 50% faster but the charging speed varies add they slow down a lot as the battery gets full still if you want the best performance in wireless charger looks for one that can support 7.5W.

This wireless charging pad is simplified for the iPhone model iPhone 8 and later. This includes iPhone 11 pro and pro-Max just lay your phone onto a charging pad and go it’s engineered to deliver up to 7.5W fast charging. Also, it is available in white and black color.

This is one of the most important certified wireless chargers, built with high-quality components to ensure that your battery is not damaged when charging.

The Belkin Boost charging is due to the charger being made for iPhone. So, the component of the device to send it to work with the iPhone has light-weight plastic.

  1. Fast Charging for less (yootech wireless charger)


This charger has up to 10 watts of fast charging has a price of up to 15 $.

The yootech fast wireless charger is based on a universal Qi wireless charging standard it charges add Mag to 10 Watt for most iPhone and Samsung phones up to 7.5 words for spotted iPhone at five what everything else this is a high speed and cheap price charger.

You can use it easily just place your phone on the wireless charger for charging no longer need to plug and unplug that is great. Make the best wireless charger pad please make sure your phone is on the center of the wireless charging pad to ensure stable charge.

Also, this charger can charge your air pods that support wireless charging. Just Place air pods on a wireless charger for charging no longer need to plug and unplug.

  1. MagSafe alternative (Sonix magnetic Link Best Wireless charging Pads)


This Has a price of 40$ and comes with 10W and 18W charging support.

  • This is a wireless charging pad that included a magnetic charging disc and 6.5 feet cable USB C plug USB C wall plug adapter white color.
  • The magnetic disc allows precious alignment with your iPhone 12 series far off fast efficient charge. The perfectly aligned magnets of this magnetic wireless charger attached to your iPhone beside that can charge your air pods pro for use with MagSafe Compatible devices and cases.
  • Magnetic link wireless charger provides 10-Watt output for fast charging intelligent charging technology provides overheat protection.
  • Also, you can use your phone while wireless charging. Simply place the charging disc centered on the back of the iPhone and the disk will magnetically secure into position for use. Compatible case magnetic ink for list charger charge strictly through protective MagSafe Compatible case up to 2mm thick.
  • It has 10-Watt wireless charging and a USB C connection of 18-Watt fast charging which is great.

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