9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023Best Solar watches under 100$ have grown in popularity and are now seen as superior to regular timepieces. Because solar watches are charged by direct sunshine or artificial light, they last longer than traditional timepieces.

These solar watches for under 100$ are a fantastic present for outdoor workers, adventurers, and those who travel throughout the world.



9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info


1. Casio Men’s Solar Powered Watch (best solar watches under 100)


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This superb Casio solar watch has solar technology, which adds to its value.

Although this is a tough watch, it does not have the same rough appearance as other Casio models.

That watch is more scratch and water-resistant thanks to the distinctive mineral crystal glass. It has a 100-meter water resistance rating, so you may use it when swimming, diving, or snorkeling, for example.

When it comes to style, this Casio solar watch catches everyone’s attention. The watch is made more elegant by its distinctive design and great color combination. The dial is very traditional, but the watch’s design is more trendy, giving it a hybrid vibe.

It features a 46.9mm watch casing, which is a little huge for a little wrist, but that has to be expected from a Casio watch. The watch’s bezel is composed of high-quality stainless steel, making it more robust.

There is enough elaborate design on the dial. Not only can you see the clock, but you can also see the date and day. There is also a second hand, which starts functioning when the battery runs out.

This Casio watch is significantly more comfortable thanks to the soft silicone strap. Overall, the watch weighs 147 grams, which is more than one might anticipate from a Casio timepiece.


+ A long-lasting design

+ Waterproof to a depth of 100 meters

+ The date is shown.

+ Straps can be changed


 Not recommended for Small Wrists

 Dial that is not numeric

2. Casio Men’s G-Shock GW6900-1


Check Amazon at 70$


The Casio Men’s G-Shock GW6900 solar watch under 100$ features a stainless steel casing and a mineral dial glass. You won’t have to worry about impact when exercising or conducting rigorous workouts because of its shock-resistant body. Another fantastic feature is the matt surface, which makes it appear much more costly than it is.

Even if there is no light in the room, the screen has an LED backlight for excellent reading. Furthermore, the integrated battery lasts for 10 months after each full charge, so you won’t have to worry about constantly charging it.

This G-Shock GW6900 also supports World Time, which includes 48 different cities, so you don’t have to worry about manually updating the time.


+ Durable

+ Battery life that is consistent

+ World Time is a feature.

+ Water-resistant

+ This site provides tide information.


 No analog display

3. Seiko SUT116 Two-Tone Watch under 100$


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The Seiko SUT116 is a sophisticated timepiece that will complement your ensemble. It’s a two-tone timepiece with silver and gold blocks that will complement any outfit.

Although it is an analog watch with no digital time display, it does include a day and date calendar, however, it does not indicate the month. The month, on the other hand, is mostly irrelevant when contrasted to the precise day and time, which you almost always know without consulting your watch or phone.

Regardless, the actual issue is that the date is set to 31 days, so you’ll have to re-adjust it every couple of months. On the plus side, resetting the month just takes a few seconds.

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info


+ A sturdy frame

+ Lightweight

+ It’s elegant and works with a variety of outfits.

+ Material is of a great grade.

+ Water-repellent and rain-resistant

+ Displays the current date and time.


 Expensive in comparison

 Every month, the date must be modified.

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info

4. Timex Men’s Expedition Acadia


Check Amazon at 69$


The Expedition solar range, which includes the Acadia, Scout, Ranger, and Gallatin watches, is the finest to wear with a tuxedo.

The Timex Acadia is housed in a 40mm resin casing with an acrylic crystal and a 20mm cloth strap that fits wrists up to 8 inches in diameter.

To compensate for the lack of a digital window display, the numerals are large and legible. Nonetheless, at 3 o’clock, there is a date display. As compensation for the lack of a digital window, the analog provides 24-hour military time.


+ Material is of a great grade.

+ It appears to be posh and sophisticated.

+ There is a separate window for the date.

+ Straps are simple to change.


 Water resistance is poor.

 Battery life is not great.

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info

5. Nautica N83 – Smartwatch under 100$


Check Amazon at 93$



The Nautica N83 is a beautiful solar-powered watch that can be worn when running, working out, or just going about your day. The watch’s design is rather distinctive, with a tinge of sportiness seen in the slip-through strap style, which has the log drawn all the way through.

The casing is constructed of brass and is around 43mm in diameter, so it’s not overly large yet tough enough to survive rigorous handling.

We wish we could state the watch is suited for swimming or diving, but its water resistance is just 50 meters, so it won’t be able to withstand anything severe. Nonetheless, this watch is suitable for light water splashes and strenuous, sweaty workouts. It can even withstand a brief bout of recreational swimming now and again.


+ The construction is excellent.

+ Design that is unique

+ A date window is included.


 The ability to withstand water might be improved.

6. Lad Weather Comba


Check Amazon at 109$


The military watch Lad Weather Combat Solar watch is simple and clear. Nonetheless, it has everything you’ll need for outdoor activities and travel. It’s also the cheapest choice on the list, costing less than $50, so it’s worth considering.

The incredible battery capacity of this watch, which can last up to 791 days, is what really stands out when you try it on (around 26 months). However, because it charges with any light source, not only direct sunshine, the battery life is dependent on the power source.

However, the watch includes all of the basic features found in its competitors, such as a stopwatch, split time, alarm, timer, and lap time. It’s also water-resistant to 100 meters, so it’s suitable for light water sports that don’t include submersion.


+ Extremely cost-effective

+ Long-lasting battery

+ A battery life indicator is included.

+ It’s packaged in a sturdy stainless steel casing.



7. Casio Multilingual Men’s Databank Watch


Check Amazon at 48$


Casio has unveiled their new multilingual world traveler watch. Are you interested in purchasing this timepiece? If you’re looking for a bilingual watch, the “Casio Multilingual Men’s Databank Watch” is the ideal option. It features a basic design that offers your wrist a gentlemen’s style, and it has 13 language displays and five multi-function alarms.

It is ideal for travelers who travel between time zones because it contains a multi-function alarm. This watch also has a 1-minute to a 24-hour countdown timer and a 1/100 second stopwatch.

You won’t have to worry about the battery running out because the device’s battery is solar-powered and can be charged with any form of light.

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info


+ Alarm system for data bank

+ Long-lasting battery

9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info


 Display on a rigid screen

 There is no capability for resistance.


9 Best Solar Watches under 100$ in 2023 | Hi Techy Info

8. Citizen BM8180-03E


Check Amazon at 104$


Are you looking for a military watch that runs on solar power? The Eco-Drive technology is used in this watch. It’s a unique characteristic of Citizen’s men’s timepieces. It works with the power of any light source, whether artificial or natural. It simply implies that you will never need to replace your batteries.

If you’re usually on the go or enjoy going on adventures with your family and friends, this timepiece is for you. In the end, it’s what you’ll require. You can rely on it to last a long time while also getting the most bang for your buck.

The watch is built to withstand even the worst conditions. In terms of ruggedness, you may rely on it for sports, military, and outdoor activities.

It includes a large display that allows you to read the time and date without difficulty, even if you don’t have perfect eyesight. This type also includes easily visible LED hands.


+ A reliable and well-known brand

+ Water resistance of up to 100 meters

+ It is beneficial to an active lifestyle.

+ Display that is both clear and bright

+ Hands and markers that glow


 Resetting can be tricky

9. Tissot Men’s T0914204405100


Check Amazon at 112$


If you’re searching for an attractive and useful solar watch that is easy to recharge and stays charged, the T-Touch watch is another option to consider.

I’d also want to point out that this watch is both imported and manufactured in the United States. It passed stringent quality assurance and control testing. You may rest assured that you’re getting a high-quality, long-lasting solar watch. I particularly loved the black dial titanium, which added to the watch’s trendy and elegant look.

The sub-dial is likewise digital, which adds to the dial’s unique characteristic. This variant is also water-resistant to a depth of 330 feet. Except for scuba diving, it may be used for aquatic sports. Regardless, you may use the watch for outdoor excursions and activities. You might wish to get this as a present for someone you care about. They will undoubtedly like its appearance and functionality.


+ Excellent functionality

+ Outdoor aficionados will enjoy this.

+ The titanium casing is strong and long-lasting.

+ Markers and bright hands

+ Water resistance of 330 feet


 Average altimeter