The iPhone SE is up against Samsung’s latest affordable 5G smartphone

Only a week after Apple debuted its first low-cost 5G smartphone, Samsung unveiled a competitor with a similar price point. Samsung unveiled its new  Galaxy A53 5G smartphone  at a brief virtual event on Thursday. Packing most of the features of its higher-end flagship line into a more budget-friendly device. The Samsung Galaxy A53 features a revolutionary quad-camera system. A strong processor, a beautiful design, and 5G support.


However, the phone’s affordability is likely its most compelling feature. The A53 costs $449 for a 128 GB device. Which is $50 cheaper than last year’s model and $30 less than Apple charges for an iPhone SE with the same storage capacity. (A 64GB version is also available, starting at $429.) That storage option is not available for the A53.)

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The apparent price war is the latest sign that smartphone manufacturers are counting on low-cost 5G smartphones to entice first-time buyers and upgraders at a time when the market is overcrowded. However, other analysts argue that there isn’t now a clear consumer demand for 5G smartphones.

Samsung’s premium Galaxy and Note smartphones have long eclipsed its a-Serie offerings. According to IDC Research, the more cost-effective line accounted for the majority of the company’s overall smartphone shipments last year, despite the economic concern surrounding the epidemic.

“Because Samsung has successfully marketed it as an upper mid-range smartphone masquerading as an entry-level mobile,” says IDC analyst Ramon Llamas.


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Aside from the pricing, the current edition of the 6.5-inch smartphone is powered by Samsung’s new Exynos 5 nm engine. Which enables greater AI capabilities such as improved Night mode and the ability to erase some undesired elements from photographs. The most recent model also receives a considerable battery upgrade, promising two days of battery life on a single charge.

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Samsung announced the latest smartphones in its flagship Galaxy S22 range last month. Noting in a press statement that pre-orders for the Galaxy S22 series had more than surpassed those for the Galaxy S21 series.